Center      Scenes

Center Scenes is an amazing band!!! Do you feel your next engagement party, bat mitzvah, gender announcement extravaganza, political rally or intervention lacks a soulful entertainment aspect? Look no further. Book them today for discounted rates.  



Born into the Great Woke of the 3rd age, 

Center, second true battle-axe from the Beyond,

severed ties with the overreaching Council of Five and defeated the Diamond Force, to bring peace to the people of Awaken.

Legendary "Scenes of Center" spread quickly 

throughout the Local Underground, and over time, became the almost mythic; Center Scenes.

The soothing riffs and driving rhythms of the newly minted trinity skirt the edge of the coarse outer chapter and drop fresh images in your mind.

If you been waiting to join the New Hotness,

Welcome home.



3131 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205

Rock Concert

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